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Here are a couple of examples of content from the mailing list.

To: 928uk Subject: re:A 928 moment

Good post Richard.

  • If I wanted a pure track day car I wouldn't choose a 928
  • If I wanted a good looking super car (& money was no object) I wouldn't choose a 928
  • If I wanted a luxury long distance tourer I wouldn't choose a 928 (well I might if I am honest!)
  • If I wanted a load lugger I wouldn't choose a 928
  • If I wanted a practical and reliable everyday car for under £10k I wouldn't choose a 928

BUT .......... if I wanted all five in one car, can you think of anything else that meets the bill? I've owned a lot of cars over the years but nothing else has guaranteed a smile on my face every time I start her up - even after two and a half years.


To: 928uk Subject: A 928 moment

It has not been a good week and very little fun at work with people being made redundant. Wish I didn't have to go in. It is now 8:30 am and I am driving to work using the '28 as I do most days.

I am exiting the North bound A3 at Send to loop and travel A3 southbound. Ahead something looks in the distance like another '28. Close up it turns out to be a black Corvette. Hey he is also looping and having spotted me accelerates away whilst I am delayed at the roundabout. If you don't know it joining the A3 southbound at Send is by a nasty left hander which tightens at the apex - max 40 for normal saloons. The Corvette is trying. Change down to 3rd I'm 100 yards behind. Accelerate the bend - the Corvette can't take it - I have to ease off as I have caught right up to him. Mirror, check over shoulder- A3 has light traffic and there's a big gap.

Initiate launch control. Full throttle stage 2 kick down. Light afterburners.

Drag past a "heavy", into second then third lane giving Corvette quick admiring glance (its a nice looking piece of kit) as the '28 storms past. Immediate throttle back, change gear to D and let the car ease back to "legalish" cruising speed. I don't care whether or not a 928 is faster or slower around a track than some obscure BMW, I know why I own one. When this old lady picks up her skirts she can still RUN!

Somehow the day just significantly improved.


MR2 February 2007

A white MR2, (an old one) tried to keep up with me along a dual carriage way and a series of roundabouts, and when I slowed down he pulled along my inside and gave me the biggest smile and thumbs up I had ever seen from another driver!

So you see driving a 928 also brings a smile to other peoples faces, not just mine.

Sorry that wasn't a technical question, or asking about oil and insurance, I just wanted to share my experience today.

89S4 Auto