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Porsche 928 Model Guide - Detailed information on variations and features by model year

These are the oldest pages in Showing participants cars for almost all model year variations. More up to date owner information and pictures are in the 928 locator


1979 Porsche 928, Petrol Blue, Pascha Cloth Blueflame exhaust; Contributor: Peter Watts, (One of the Founder meeting attendees)


1980 Porsche 928 S Silver; Contributor: Simon Hamnett


1981 Porsche 928 S Anniversary; Contributor: Marton Hasenberg

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1984 Porsche 928 S2, Silver/Black; Contributor: Paul Coyne; Registration B62 RLP


1985 Porsche 928 S2, Auto, Iris Blue; Contributor:Steve Saunders

1985 928 S2 Manual Owner: Alan Whiting; Previous owners: 3, including William Woollard of Top Gear fame Mileage: 149,000 miles


1986 928 S4, Grand Prix White

Contributor: Peter Martin

1986 Porsche 928 S2 Auto, Red

Contributor: Richard Tatnall

1986 Porsche 928 S2, Prussian Blue, Blue & Linen

Contributor: John speake

How I came to own a 928

I have liked V8 engined cars for many years, and had owned two SD1 Rovers with the 3.5 litre engine. The time came to replace my heavily modified Opel Manta, which I had for 9 years. I wanted a fast sports car, my wife wanted a smooth grand tourer. I reasoned to myself if the car was fast but smooth, she wouldn’t notice I was driving fast !

(I also have owned a v-twin Vincent motorcycle, and a v-twin JAP engined 3 wheeler Morgan)

Jaguar saloons were briefly considered, but poor build quality was a turn off. By chance I bought the "Automobilia" book on the 928GTS, which gave a brief history of the previous 928 models.

Further investigation showed that there were 928’s in my price range (about £10k) but running costs would be high. I reasoned that with a car of the age I could afford, main dealer service stamps were not so important, and I could tackle the routine servicing. My annual mileage would be typically about 6k miles, so running costs would be reasonable.

So much for the theory, how about finding the right car ? A friend of a friend had sourced cars from Exchange and Mart, so I bought a copy for a few weeks to see what was available. The first impression was that the cars were reasonably priced. But after a while it was obvious that these were also the less desirable cars, as they relentlessly appeared week after week.

Eventually I saw a car in the Sunday Times that was in my price range ! Only problem, it was in Blackpool, I was in Cambridge. However, the purchaser sounded genuine and the car the right colour. Found Chris Sanderson advertising pre-purchase inspections in Exchange and Mart, from his STD code found he was in south Lancashire. He made a prompt, and efficient report, also giving his opinion of its value. What he found were minor problems - "a very nice car". I didn’t appreciate at that time how lucky I was !

The usual HPI checks were made on the present private plate and also the previous identity. All was well, so on the fateful day I hired a taxi to Blackpool. I wasn’t disappointed when I saw the car.

Having never driven a 928 before or read the driver’s manual, the return journey down the M6 was "interesting". Had great fun exploring kick down, and seeing everything vanish from the rear view mirror. The inevitable hold ups near Birmgham gave an opportunity to explore the moveable steering column and instrument binnacle, optimise the settings of the electric seat, and fiddle with the aircon controls. It seemed a very short journey !

The rear tyres lasted 10k miles. At the time of writing the one major cost has been a new water pump and cambelt. My main problem is getting a reliable reasonably priced garage within reasonable reach to undertake the jobs beyond my capabilities or facilities. It’s a brilliant car, and I intend to keep it as long as possible. It has 92k on the clock, so should be good for a few years yet !

1986 Porsche 928 S4 Auto

Contributor: Jeremy Napier


1987 928 S4 Auto, Slate Grey, Linen

Contributor: Martin Dunks

1987 Prototype Porsche 928 club sport

Contributor: Derek Bell

Derek Bell was given this 928 by Porsche AG, he was and still is, one of their racing drivers.

Derek does not know alot about the car. He was apparently reluctant to take the car because it was LHD and in fact initially refused it. Approximately a year later he asked about a white 928 sitting under a tree to be told "oh that's your 928". He then accepted the car and brought it back and registered the car in the UK. It had covered approx 20,000 miles - although Derek had a new "mph" speedo installed.

Derek knows it was one of 4 unique 928's built. All 4 were given to Porsche racing drivers. All 4 were white and LHD. The car is a 1987 model year prototype S4. This is identified by the VIN number and the folding rear spoiler (which was only fitted to 1987 model year S4's). He was told the car had uprated suspension and engine. The car was also lightened.

Derek knows that one of his colleague's blew up the engine in his 928. He would complain to Porsche that the car was incorrectly geared because "he would hit the rev limiter in top gear" on the Autobahn. Apparently this was 185mph - though we do not know if this was indicated or actual speed. (And we cannot work this out as the production Club Sport had 2 changes over a standard S4 - lower gearing and a higher rev limit - and we do not know if this changes were applied to these 4 cars).

The car features 16" forged light alloy wheels identical to those fitted to the production Club Sport / SE / Early 89 GT cars. The car has no sunroof, no rear blinds and no rear wiper which is also consistent with a CS. However it has a passenger side mirror and full leather interior which the production CS did not have (although the SE did have a passenger mirror).

Whilst Porsche have not officially identified these 4 cars as prototype Club Sports, it seems pretty certain from the VIN number that this is what they are.

Derek was until recently the only driver of the 4 to have kept his 928. He kept it with his other ultra rare Porsche - a red 924 Carrera GTS. He has covered approx 42,000 miles in the car before selling it.

Without a doubt it is the rarest and most unique 928 in the UK.

Andy Elvers, 5th July 1999.


1988 Porsche 928S series 4 with Sport Equipment -also know as the 928 S4 Sport or 928 S4 SE

Red 928 S4 SE

Jeffs Red 928S series 4 with Sport Equipment - See the 'Sport' decal on the rear PU!

SE Press Release

Original Press release - 928S series 4 with Sport Equipment - (Double Click for pdf)

1988 Porsche 928 S4 Auto

Silver/Blue Linen Lthr, RMB

Contributor: Mike Gibbons

1988 928 S4 Sport, Black

Contributor: Angus Fox, One of 42 1988 cars. My first Porsche!

Registration F501 GWR, VIN: WPOZZZ92ZJS841962

Date Registered, 1st August 1988
Date Bought, 26 April 1998