Big bang for your buck? 200BHP classics for £10k

Classic car weekly published this page on April 8 2015 and featured the Porsche 928 as an example of a 200BHP (its more) classic that you can buy for £10k (you can't, or if you do it will be a nail). Ignoring their prices which talk of Concours cars for £8500, there are some good points. The buying tips aren't bad. The other cars in their list included 60's Jag 420, 80's Vauxhall Carlton (why?), 90's TVR Chimaera 4.0. They don't make any kind of competition for the Porsche 928 for me.

928 buying tips

  • If the car hasn't been used for a while then anticipate leaking cooland hoses and perished oil seals
  • Galvanised bodyshell resists decay but look out for paint scabs on alloy bonntet, wings and doors
  • Find out if the cambelt has been changed. This needs to have been done regularly
  • Air conditioning often doesnt work and it realy needs to! It can cost £600 or more to fix
  • Early pascha trim is very hard to source so check for wear and tear

"The 928 bristled with tech and Porsche was proud".

Price when new £19,499 ! Porsche positioned the 928 as the flagship of their range. Many would say it still is!

Birg Bangs for your buck - Classic Car Weekly, April 2015