928uk logo image (2022)

When we started this community and web site the web was only four years old. Having a web site was quite something. It enabled us to get together and along with the mail list was the basis for our community and our meetups. We ought to move a little bit with the times I suppose, so we've built a mobile app. It doesnt try to be the website and it isnt a social networking app or a mail list replacement. But if you have a 928 and love them then we think its for you. It is free to download and use of course. You can upload a picture of your car to the gallery and find out its original performance characteristics. Optionally, you can buy an advert from within the app for your car to promote that it is for sale in the Gallery.

Cars for sale are highlighted in the gallery

Do you own or love the 928? Join our community, tell us about yours, or find one to buy.

If you are interested in the 928 or want to find one to own then 928uk provides information and articles about the 928 and a gallery of our community participants cars including cars for sale.

Enjoy the magnificent variety of colours and specification for each type of 928 in the gallery. Add yours and where possible we show you the original performance data for your particular model.

You can choose to add your own 928, and tell our community it is for sale if you wish.

App users can opt-in to get notifications, for example when a 928 comes up for sale.