928UK 16th Anniversary Meet, Merry Miller.

Chris Clark writes:

Thirty-six 928’s gathered at the Merry Miller, Cothill, on November 22 for the annual 928uk gathering. It was good to meet up with the usual crowd, plus one or two new faces. But, of course, the cars were the stars of the show, ranging from Andrew Brierley’s mint 928GT to Phil Rickard’s orange supercharged model (which is based on a GT).

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Ritech Flex Plate Clamp

The Flex Plate Clamp issue can affect any 928 fitted with an Automatic transmission from 1984 onwards.  The problem is where Porsche changed the design of the clamp so that in some circumstances the drive shaft can move forward; putting huge pressure on the flex plate; which can lead to Thrust Bearing Failure (TBF).  This is a catastrophic event, leading to the total loss of the engine and huge bills for the owner.  The solution has been regular checking and relieving of flex plate pressure, as described in detail in this PDF.

Lately 3rd parties have come up with stronger clamps in an attempt to solve this.  Now UK company Ritech Systems has come up with a new solution, which is designed to stop the clamp moving forward by physical means.  Click on the picture for more:

 photo Ritech_clamp_zps8910cdc2.jpg

Merry Miller 2014 - Saturday 22nd November

Saturday November 22nd is the date of this years annual 928.org.uk pre-Christmas Anniversary Meet.  We will be meeting from 11am until around 3pm.  The Merry Miller does a great lunch.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are planning to attend so he can give the venue an idea of numbers.

Location: - Merry Miller, Cothill Road, Dry Sandford, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6JW

Merry Miller

[photo by Mike Parris]

2015 Porsche 928 Calendar (Sold Out)

We are pleased to announce that This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has produced another beautiful Porsche 928 calendar, perfect as a Christmas Present. now SOLD OUT

2015 Calendar Example Pic

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Tilford, 4th October 2014

 3 stages of rear

A Frenzy of Sharks – that was the sight on roads to Tilford as pre-meetings turned into convoys.

31 cars parked on the green (with a few early leavers) and green keeper donations came to nearly £120 so thank you everyone for that.

For the first time in 14 years rain was the order of the day for most unless you stayed a bit later when the sun finally broke through.

Great day despite the rain - that just made the pub even more fun!” - Steve Sydee.

The Barley Mow serves great food too;

Cod with new potatoes in a white wine, lemon and dill sauce with black pudding and poached egg - who'd have thought it up, but yummy !” - Paul Lacey.

Stewart and Sue do a great job in organising the meeting every year, it has become the main event and probably the only time you can see so many Porsche 928 of various years in the same place in the UK.

The meeting is always the first Saturday in October so save the day for 2015 and come along even if you don’t own a 928 as all are welcome.

The Barley Mow at Tilford Green, Surrey, GU10 2BU