Record Porsche 928 meeting

187 gather in the new world record Porsche 928 meeting

The best bit just had to be the two Dutch motorcycle cops as outriders escorting us back to the hotel following the record attempt. They held up traffic from joining the motorway and 'disrupting ' the convoy, dispatched any non 928 drivers to alternative lanes so as not to mess up the continuos stream of 928s and blocked the roads to allow us all to go through the lights, whatever colour they happened to be- mega cool!

Clive 88 S4 Auto

"187 928s ... was an impressive sight. They have thrown down the gauntlet to any other country to better this - should not be too difficult in the UK?? The evening party on the boat was really good with an excellant buffet Thai meal, music and plenty of wine. Rotterdam harbour is impressive due to it's sheer size. I am sure that those who went for the whole weekend will confirm that it was a trip worth making and well organised. Andrew 928S

2005 record Porsche 928 gathering in The Netherlands - click for a better quality image

Pics: Arnold Vree

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Running costs for the Porsche 928 in the UK

Real world running costs as low as 43p per mile for a Porsche 928 S4 in the UK in 2005

A couple of our mail list participants posted their running costs data which makes useful reading for anyone considering a 928 and interested in cost of ownership.

According to What Car? its less than a new top of the range Mondeo. No further questions.

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928 GTS placed 3rd in 2005 Poll in GT Purely Porsche

Readership votes GTS into the top bracket, in GT Purely Porsche "Greatest Porsche" Poll 2005

GT Purely Porsche, one of the two magazines in the UK dedicated to the Porsche marque, has completed a poll to find the greatest Porsche model. The 928GTS placed 3rd, which is a fabulous result, especially as it was only beaten by the 917 (Porsche's most famous race car), and the 2.7 Carrera RS. That must rank the 928 as the greatest all round Porsche car, as you can't really place the 917 and 2.7 RS in that bracket.

Legendary Porsche driving instructor, who has taught some notable 928 drivers how to get the best from the V8 supercar, is quoted as describing the GTS as "Beautifully dignified, powerful. Deceptively agile."

" ... for some (911 owners probably) a surprise that [the 928GTS] finished in the top three, ..."

GT Purely Porsche

So much meaning in that one extract alone!

Leaking Porsche 928 Power Steering

Leaking Porsche 928 Power Steering

Alex's High Pressure Power Steering line on the GT sprang a leak from several places recently. I guess spending 15-years in a hot engine bay does your health no good :)

Here's his quick guide to the job:-

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Right oil for a Porsche 928?

Porsche only recommend synthetics (including hydrocracked "synthetics") at 0W-40, 5W-40 and (only for Mobil 1) 5W-50. They mandate 0W-40 where ambient falls below -25C.

Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic 0W-40

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