Leaking Porsche 928 Power Steering

Leaking Porsche 928 Power Steering

Alex's High Pressure Power Steering line on the GT sprang a leak fromseveral places recently. I guess spending 15-years in a hot engine bay does your health no good :)

Here's his quick guide to the job:-

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928 GTS placed 3rd in 2005 Poll in GT Purely Porsche

Readership votes GTS into the top bracket, in GT Purely Porsche "Greatest Porsche" Poll 2005

GT Purely Porsche, one of the two magazines in the UK dedicated to the Porsche marque, has completed a poll to find the greatest Porsche model. The 928GTS placed 3rd, which is a fabulous result, especially as it was only beaten by the 917 (Porsche's most famous race car), and the 2.7 Carrera RS. That must rank the 928 as the greatest all round Porsche car, as you can't really place the 917 and 2.7 RS in that bracket.

Legendary Porsche driving instructor, who has taught some notable 928 drivers how to get the best from the V8 supercar, is quoted as describing the GTS as "Beautifully dignified, powerful. Deceptively agile."

" ... for some (911 owners probably) a surprise that [the 928GTS] finished in the top three, ..."

GT Purely Porsche

So much meaning in that one extract alone!

The Legend that is Porsche 928

A brief backgrounder for enthusiasts of Porsche the company and the development of their 70's supercar the 928.

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Right oil for a Porsche 928?

Porsche only recommend synthetics (including hydrocracked "synthetics") at 0W-40, 5W-40 and (only for Mobil 1) 5W-50. They mandate 0W-40 where ambient falls below -25C.

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Artz VW Golf 928

Artz VW Golf Bodied Porsche 928

The ultimate stealth 928. Artz made around 6 as a promotion for the VW Golf. Its a lot wider though than a Golf (see the one on the left) and has completely custom glass and panels.

Samuel Fournis, May 2003

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