Porsche 928 variations

by many people, edited by Angus Fox

Porsche 928 Model variations and features

These were some of the oldest pages on 928.org.uk. They showed participants cars for almost all model year variations and for a long time we had a locator to match people to cars. In editing the site in 2020 (in a long overdue sort out); the names of contributors have been removed since owners change and we have a responsibility to privacy that wasn't there in 1999 when this page was originally written. Ive added galleries for each model year of 928 as there are zillions of pictures on the website. To download any given picture you have to be logged in to the website as a registered user (which is different to being on the 928uk mail list).

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The Legend that is Porsche 928

A brief backgrounder for enthusiasts of Porsche the company and the development of their 70's supercar the 928.

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Top Gear Cheap Porsche Challenge 2004

Top Gear Cheap Porsche Challenge 2004

Jeremy Clarkson chose 928.org.uk to find a 928 for the first and best Cheap Porsche Challenge. Clarkson bought a 1983 Porsche 928, Hammond bought a 1980 Porsche 924 and May bought a 1984 Porsche 944. He ignored our Buyers Guide but got in touch to see if he could buy one for £1500 which was the limit price.

I thought you might like to see some of the email trail..

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Artz VW Golf 928

Artz VW Golf Bodied Porsche 928

The ultimate stealth Porsche 928. Artz made around 6 as a promotion for the VW Golf. Its a lot wider though than a Golf (see the one on the left) and has completely custom glass and panels.

Artz Porsche 928 based Golf compared

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Re-keying Porsche 928 locks

Re-keying Porsche 928 Locks

Nick Carrington, Gareth Croeser, Jon Holdsworth, November 2002

Hatch Lock


Procedure is moderately "involved" for the hatch lock. I'd assume more involved for the ignition! Anyone with some reasonable mechanical ability can do this - really. - It takes about 3 hours the first time.

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