by Angus Fox

Swap out the old broken Blaupunkt Toronto for a 2020 Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB+

This is relatively straightforward as long as you dont mind a little electrical connecting. (Please dont use Scotch Locks think about the next person rewiring in ten years time swearing at you)! You will also need a little patience. My personal choice would be to retain a Blaupunkt OEM look and Blaupunkt have in 2020 relaunched a radio which was originally fitted to the Porsche 928! - the Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB+ (Amazon UK) which has been updated for the 21st century.

Over the years, some radios have become desirable objects. The legendary Blaupunkt Toronto and the Blaupunkt Bremen from the year 1986 were factory fitted to many Porsche models at the time including the Porsche 928. In all honesty they are not very good by todays standards but they have the right 'factory' look. Blaupunkt have reinterpreted the 80s model with new technologies and functions. The result is the Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB+. The operating concept, the simple design and the crystal clear reception contributed significantly to the popularity of the original Bremen car radio. So they have taken on the styling of the original model in the new version, but at the same time added a modern Variocolour illumination for the buttons and the display. Thanks to Blaupunkt Codem FM RDS tuner and DAB + digital tuner, the first-class reception remains one of the strengths of the new radio. New are the numerous serial interfaces, including two USB ports, an aux port and an SDHC slot - even audio streaming via Bluetooth possible now for the returning legend. The radio carries the Made for iPhone / iPod certification and ensures appropriate compatibility. All settings are permanently saved even when disconnected from the battery. An active DAB + screen antenna is also included. The new Bremen SQR 46 DAB+ has a short installation depth - ideal for classic cars with shortened installation slots and the packaging of the device has been elaborately designed and modeled on the original.

Speaker and speaker cable replacement in the Porsche 928

Perhaps more difficult but the sound difference is astonishing with a modern setup. the speaker technology has moved on immensly since the 928 was produced. Cables now benefit from Oxygen free technology.

Aerial upgrades

Blaupunkt make triple purpose GSM mobile phone, Sat Nav, and FM aerials. One Aerial - three connectors. Hard work to wire in but worth it.

Head unit upgrades

Things to consider:

  • Original look or doesnt matter
  • Industry standard ISO connectors arent fitted to the 928 as original wiring so connectors with fly leads are needed for most modern radios.
  • Its much easier to see whats going on in the centre tunnel wiring if you remove the sidewall carpet by undoing a couple of screws.
  • The original amp speaker connectors are a DIN cable. Blaupunkt make an adapter.

Speaker and speaker cable replacement

Perhaps more difficult but the sound difference is astonishing with a modern setup. the speaker technology has moved on since the 928 was produced.

Its hard work though.

Porsche 928 Door panel removed exposing original crossovers

Here is the door panel removed showing that there are two original speakers and a crossover on this 1989 GT. The crossover stops you pulling the cable free just pulling a new cable through using the old cable. Its screwed to the door lining. It wasnt designed to ever be removed!

Porsche 928 Door panel removed exposing original crossovers

Replacing them with a modern JBL 2 speakers and crossover system requires patience. To my mind though it was essential to remove the old crossover and replace it with a modern one. I wanted an all new electrical path from the head unit to the speakers with all new speaker cable.

The new oxygen free wiring is blue.

The speaker wiring has to be fed through the cable tunnel between the door and the bodyshell.

Essential equipment - a wire coathanger and some duct tape! Tape the end of the speaker wire to the coathanger and push it through.