2007 trip to Surrey Rolling Road

Friday afternoon saw a small group of us at Surrey Rolling Road.

Surrey Rolling Road Ltd, Unit 120, Qinetiq Chobham lane, Surrey, KT16 0EE

Its located in a bunker near the M3.

My car was troubled at first. They thought perhaps it was mixture too rich, or a bad fuel pump or a faulty maf (sometimes Ive thought the maf needs doing sometimes it fine). But it settled down ans the technician said it was fine after that.

346 BHP Porsche 928 S4 SE

I got a fairly stunning 346 BHP. The SE also had a different torque curve, and a higher rev limit. My SE is standard except for the Sports Exhaust. Just goes to show you the SE was breathed upon by Weissach!

Results below the fold

Car Details
Angus, Silver S4 SE 346.2 BHP
Matthew, Green 91 GT 341.3 BHP
Simon, Green 91 GT 321.9 BHP
Peter, 91 S4 (Tested in September) 315 BHP (Estimated, Auto)

Thanks Peter for organising. We should have another go at a weekend I think!