Porsche make special Winter Wheels and Tyres for the Porsche 928. I expect you wish you had a winter wheel set when it snows!

Porsche winter wheels
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Personally I prefer friction tyres (made for Nordic area) because then I can use a bit wider wheels/tyres and the wheel noise is not so loud as it is with stud tyres. With friction tyres I think it is better to use a bit wider wheels/tyres because the tires are quite soft and 928 being a heavy car does not help the situation. With Nordic friction tyres you should not drive over 10 degrees of Celsius - or if you do you should be careful as those can "melt" under your car. There is some friction tyres for central Europe which are of harder material and can be used in high speeds even over 200kph.

When using friction tyres you better make sure that ABS and PSD are working perfectly. If not then stud tyres might be a safer choice

I was thinking of using a set of D90's from 944 S2. These are 8" and 7" wheels. Usually winter wheels/tyres are not as wide as summer tyres for better grip. This is especially true when using tyres with studs. Not so wide wheels/tyres are also useful if you are driving off the main roads where there can be snow/ice packed on the road and there can be a track which is usually so narrow that you might have problems running with wide wheels/tyres.

Many people in Finland prefer stud tyres as they provide better grip in icy situations. The stud technology has developed a lot recently and latest models are not so noisy anymore and the studs are really in use only in situations where they are needed e.g. they come out when braking, turning etc.

This is my first winter with 928 so we'll see if I have to switch to stud tyres in the middle of the winter season or do I manage with friction tyres. I am not absolutely sure how well the ABS and PSD are working but I am sure I will notice that after a couple weeks when there is snow everywhere ;-)

Petri in Finland - Red 928 GT