Paul Anderson Porsche 928 Race car in the lead at Silverstone October 2006

Porsche 928 In the lead at Silverstone! 2006

Just to let you all know how i got on at the last race of the season at Silverstone this weekend. Qualified my best yet in third position on the grid behind two Morgans with not a lot in it as far as times were concerned so thing were looking good for the race. I managed to get the jump on one morgan at the start and tailed the leader for the first lap with him squeezing me out of an overtake at woodcote on th eend of the first lap which resulted in me bumping the rear of his car at 120mph no damage to either car but still scary nonetheless.

Paul Anderson Porsche 928 Race car at Silverstone October 2006

Picture of damage

Read on for more detail...

I managed to get a good drive out of copse and took him on the inside into becketts the feeling to finally be leading a race after all the effort etc that has been poured into the car was fantastic I held the lead for 3 laps quite comfortably but noticed a datsun 240z was getting close to me into the luffield complex but i could easily pull away from him for the rest of the lap so i was not too worried 9 mins left to run 8 laps to go i could even win!!

No such luck he got along side me into luffield and then it seems he understeered into my o/s rear quarter knocking me into a spin that turned me broadside accross his nose which creased my door in enough to break the window then my cars nose then coming around and pushing in his door/wing etc, He ended up scrabbling through the gravel and rejoining almost straight away I ended up front wheels almost in the gravel engine still running

Not wanting to go forward and then into the gravel i slammed it into reverse and promptly rammed the Morgan that had stopped inches from the rear of my car. Having now made enough room to negotiate the gravel i rejoined realising i could still see the datsun with enough time left i hoped to catch it,only problem was the arch had been pushed onto the tyre and was rubbing, huge plumes of burning rubber were pouring off the rear tyre more so on right handers but there are only two right hand corners i thought if i take a gentle line i might save the tyre and at least finish(4th i later found out) the car kept going smoke and all and i was reeling the datsun in i could see 1st, 2nd,3rd with third placed tvr in my sights at the end of the main straight (about 145mph) the tyre let go luckily with enough time for me to ease off and brake gently for the right hander that follows the straight 46 secs left on the clock could i make another lap on the remains of the tyre to at least finish..............?

NOT A CHANCE the tyre desintegrated pummeling the rear quarter in the process half a lap from the finish.

Much to do in the paddock Morgan man not happy about me shunting him after he so politely managed not to crash into me after i had been shoved off the track datsun man reconing i had moved over on him hence the collision clerk of the course summonsing both of us up to race control about driving standards etc........

Ho hum Bit of work to do then for thursday.

Cheers for all your support over this season, I WILL give the 928 the win it deserves next year datsuns/morgans kiss my cars German arse.................

Paul Anderson

Edited by Angus