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Keys4Classics.Com offer both ORIGINAL and high quality SILCA brand European aftermarket replacement keys for Porsche 928, all years and variants.

The keys for the Porsche 928 have a very unusual design and are a challenge for most key makers or locksmiths Keys4Classics.Com have many years of experience with them and they cut you a key from a photo, they are very quick to answer emails and very prompt. I ordered a key and it worked perfectly, plus you get the code so you can order future keys. All done by email. My key was a generic Silcam, similar to the originals but without a Porsche name or logo; they have a durable solid black plastic head (no light). also offer the Original Huf key blad for the no-alarm (short) and with-alarm (long) key-blades (stems). These are genuine Porsche parts. The the original Porsche clip-on head is not included. They will cut original Porsche keys ONLY if your original key and photos are good and clear enough to make decoding unequivocal. For a very worn key, a poorly copied key, a hand-made key, or poor photos they will need to discuss your options. in Australia

More UK locksmiths who have cut Porsche 928 keys can be found below.

UK locksmiths with Porsche 928 experience

Key and Lock Security in Bournemouth, really top service, great people and reasonable prices. They cut from ORIGINAL Porsche blanks. (2005)

Market Lock and Safe in Crisp St Market off the Commercial Road in E.London (£40ish) (2003)

Maximum Security Locksmiths Ltd, Opposite Elms Road, Orpington, Kent, 0700 227 5397, 0845 3673030, 01689 815329, (I spoke to Kevin, who cut a spare long key from the original as he had the required jig. He also stated that he is possibly the only locksmith in the UK that can cut 928 keys at the roadside should you be unfortunate to loose yours - the guy also supplies blank long and short keys.) (2003)

Strasse in Leeds, they've got key blanks: 0113 2340911 (2003)

AUTO LOCKSMITHS, WESTGATE, BRADFORD, BD1 2QL, 01274 305621, 0786 6793386 (chap did it in 5 mins it fit all my locks 1st try for the bargain price of £15 including the blank. He keeps the blanks in stock. They don't have the Porsche logo and torch but hey they are only £15 cut. (2004)

Crocket the Ironmongers (upstairs) in West Nile Street, Glasgow, just round the corner from Argyle Street station. £12.50 including the blank. (2006) - Gareth

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