The definitive (simple) Porsche 928 RDK bypass

Andrew wrote this a decade ago. It got lost somewhere in the multitude of site updates but he sent it to me again and here it is

RDK control unit location

Porsche 928 RDK box diagram

RDK control unit connectors

Porsche 928 RDK showing which pins to connect to disable the warning light.


Please note the following procedure does NOT involve the removal of the RDK unit (which is very difficult due to awkward access) OR folding back the rubber cover on the connector as previously instructed.

The location of the RDK control unit is in the driverÕs footwell above the bonnet release handle, behind the parcel shelf. The metal RDK box has a smaller black plastic box in front of and attached to the RDK unit – SEE ABOVE DIAGRAM

  1. Remove the parcel shelf below the instrument binnacle by removing the four locating nuts/bolts and locate the RDK control unit.
  2. Withdraw the multi-pin connector from the RDK control unit by first removing the retaining screw and releasing the spring clip. Carefully guide the connector and attached cable down into the driverÕs footwell.
  3. Holding the multi-pin connector in front of you with the cable at the top and the hole for the retaining screw at the bottom you will see two rows of holes i.e. female part of connection (male part is on the box). – SEE DIAGRAM TO LEFT. The left-hand row of connectors are numbered 1 to 18 starting at the bottom (you can not see any numbering unless you peel back the cover).
  4. Take a piece of wire long enough to connect No. 2 to No. 13 (Marked with red dot on diagram). Push the ends of the wire into these connections. There should be enough tension in the connectors to grip the wire without the need for solder. Securely tape the wire to the connector.
  5. Cover all the connector by wrapping it in insulation tape and push the connector safely out of way (I managed to push mine back between the RDK control box and the wing of the car).
  6. Replace the parcel shelf.
Note: It may be necessary in some cases to disconnect the battery for some time to erase the warning from the computer memory.