Performance Upgrades

There are 2 types of performance upgrade owners can make to a 928:

Higher Specification Official Porsche Parts

This is where certain parts are replaced with Official Porsche parts originally fitted to a later, or more sporting Porsche.

Examples to consider:

  • Replace wheels with GTS specification 17" Cup wheel
  • Upgrade brakes to GTS specification (requires 17" wheels)
  • Upgrade mirrors to GTS specification "tear drop" design (aka Ovoid mirrors)
  • Upgrade suspension front springs to SE specification. (One of the best things to do!)
  • Upgrade shock absorbers to SE/GT/Club Sport specification
  • Upgrade springs to SE/GT/Club Sport specification
  • Upgrade Exhaust to Sports or Techquipment specification

Third Party Performance Parts

This is where parts are upgraded to non Porsche parts that are of even higher performance.

Examples to consider

  • Rear Muffler Bypass (RMB) - replaces the rear box with a straight pipe for a more sporty sound - Ask Paul Anderson to make you one
  • Performance Chips - change the character of the engine for a more sporty performance
  • Semi Racing Brake Pads - less dust more stopping power
  • Aftermarket wheels and tyres
  • Stroker Kit - take the engine out to 6litres! Not for the non mechanically minded.
  • Body styling kits - Search for Jaquemond on google