The 40th Anniversary of the Porsche 928, celebrated at Brooklands

Porsche 928 Rear AC Pic: Tony Baldwin

I'd like to thank The Porsche Club GB 928 Register for a super day today at Brooklands for the 40th Anniversary of the 928. I was surprised to recieve an award and very much appreciate it. and PCGB committed to supporting this event for all 928 owners regardless of club membership and I think that is probably why over 150 Porsche 928s were in attendance.

156 Porsche 928s is the final total, and I saw lots of lovely looking Cayennes, a 356, 911s, a 914, several 924s, a 944 and 968 models lurking in the public and garage parking!

Brooklands are spending their lottery funding wisely. It was a super place to visit and the weather held until late afternoon.

In 1998, 6 people fed up with invitations to Barbeques in the USA on the porschefans mail list set up the 928uk email list. We used to meet at each others houses. Now we need to meet at Brooklands! Today there are 600 people on the list and according to the figures today there are 800 odd 928s on the road in the UK. Not bad coverage I would say!

Looking at the photos of the prototypes and clay models today I was reminded of the test drive I had of a 996 Carrera 4 at Park Lane in the rain. Also designed by Tony Lapine, At the time I felt it was more like a 928 than a 911. It echoed some cues you can see in the designs for the 928 in the book Project 928 and saw on those prototype drawings today. The 928 design team was truly decades ahead of its time. No wonder it won car of the year.

We broke the Beaulieu record.


Porsche 928 Rear AC Porsche 928 Rear AC

PS This was my personal favourite car. Rear AC! That is all.