Porsche 928 meetup (2021) at The merry miller. Cothill, nr Abingdon (pic: angusf)
Porsche 928 meetup (2021) at The merry miller. Cothill, nr Abingdon (pic: angusf)

Annual meeting – Saturday 6th November 2021

To celebrate our anniversary we returned to The Merry Miller at Cothill near Oxford on Saturday 6th November.

Saturday was a lively day. The weather mostly held and 30 Porsche 928s made it to the meetup. As usual I tried to talk to everyone but failed. Sorry if I didnt catch up with you - the meetup seemed to be over in no time. News of a few cars whose owners planned to come along but various issues stopped them also reached us. Next time folks! Its only 360 days till we do it again.

More pics and gallery below. Even more pics in the thread on the mail list.

What was interesting to me was the old and the new. Among the participants were at least half a dozen people who have been involved with the 928 and 928uk for over twenty years. I also spoke to two or three new owners committed to the 928 and undertaking good work on their cars to make them what they want them to be. One person had only had his lovely (really lovely) 1979 for a few months and wasnt sure he would make it but did. I'm glad he did it was my favourite car on the day so clean in design, lovely golden (Cashmire Beige / kaschmirbeige) 79 colour, Telephone Dials and correct Pascha trim. Other new owners spoke to me about being on the list as lurkers and how valuable it is to them. I was pleased about that - it is why we set up the list in 1998. Another owner showed me the detail of the bare metal rebuild of his GT. Simply put it is exquisite with every nut and bolt pristine. Clearly a labour of love and expensive to run too as he lives inside the congestion charge zone so its an immediate extra cost every time he leaves the garage.

I loved the Polar Silver GTS. I think I very nearly bought it or a twin years ago from Camtune when they were in Godalming, because I had a Polar Silver Audi RS2 and it would have been funny to me to have a matching 928. It is parked next to a silver metallic 928 in the pictures and you can really see the differences in the silver colours!

Special shout out for Mark who brought my old Cayenne Turbo along complete with new Sports Technic wheels too. I had always thought about putting those wheels on and they take years off the car somehow. It made me even sadder on one level that I sold it, but at least it has gone to a good home!

Lots of people asked me if I would get a 928 again. I'd really like one of course. I have had three manuals, (two 1988 SE's and a 1989 GT)I miss them. I just can't afford it at the moment but you never know, and we're coming up for a 25th anniversary event so theres a target to aim for! If I were to get another I think a very very early car or a very very late car or some other notable car would be what I wanted. A needle in a haystack. I'd probably need a crowdfunder.

Anyway I had a really nice day catching up with everyone. Thanks to everyone who came along and Andy and Smiffy for organising everything and of course to the Merry Miller for putting up with us every year!

Pictures (by angusf)