The owner writes — For sale is the Porsche 928 S4 Auto which I’ve owned for seven years and kept in good order and driven and displayed throughout this time at 928.ORG, PCGB and TIPEC community events.

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For Sale, Porsche 928 S4 Auto, Diamond Blue Metallic, 1988

  • 1988 Porsche 928 S4
  • Diamond Blue Metallic
  • Full Black Leather interior
  • 5.0 litre V8 Petrol engine
  • Automatic 4-speed transmission
  • MOT until 5th August 2022
  • ABS, Air-Con, Sunroof, Electric Driver (with memory) and Front Passenger seat adjustment

Located in Maidstone, Kent

For sale at £14,995

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With a current reading just under 148,000 miles on the odometer, I consider this car to be in comparatively good condition and it continues to be reliable and dependable, always starting on the first crank from cold.

To me Diamond Blue is one of the most attractive 928 colours, and I bought it enhanced with genuine Porsche Cup 1 alloys, together with body-coloured teardrop mirrors and rear spoiler where a previous owner had obviously been inspired by the later GTS design.

The interior is black full-leather, complimented by a Porsche 3-spoke leather steering wheel. I’ve installed additional Porsche 928 mats for comfort and protection. There are more details and photographs below.



Being model-year 1988 this car benefits from ABS, and has the analogue dashboard so is not prone to some of the vagaries of the early 'digi-dash'.

The car is very bright and modern, and I’ve become accustomed to people’s surprise when they learn just how old this contemporary looking beauty is.

When not being used for periods it is covered and connected to a battery conditioner.

This is my second 928 (I owned a 928S for several years in the late 90’s) and I bought this car because I so missed having such an iconic car.

On viewing I could tell from experience that it was fundamentally sound, but it had been a little neglected and so needed works to the auto-box, differential, brakes, and a good service which I organised quickly.

The A/C wasn’t working, and of course it is never as simple as just topping up the refrigerant, so a full overhaul including the pneumatic valves was the next priority.

The wheels needed refurbishment and when this was complete, I fitted new tyres.

A few years later I got a trusted paint-shop to take care of the usual small rust/oxidation spots that were forming around the rear, together with resolving some minor cracking to the paint on the front PU.

As with any car of this age there’s always details to resolve, and works to do, but cosmetically and mechanically this car looks good and drives well.

You can see from the service records I’ve had new discs and pads all round, new fuel pipes including replacing the vulnerable hose under the engine oil-filler, a replacement MAF, and a brand-new Idle Control Valve. As previously mentioned, the Auto Box was professionally refurbished in 2013, and the flex-plate gap is protected by a Ritech Flex-Plate Clamp. Of course, I had the timing belt and water-pump attended to as well.

The Air Conditioning continues to blow nice and cold today having had a recent check and top-up.

The only significant item I'm aware of which doesn't work is the cruise control and this might be as simple as me having fitted two LED brake bulbs (which I understand can have such an affect), or it might be a simple coding plug or a failed control unit; the fact is that I never use cruise on any of my vehicles so I've never been inclined to investigate it. The passenger door lock also needs a new barrel which I've never got around to changing as I’m always at the driver’s door.

I suspect that I shall miss the 928 very quickly, but the reality is that having recently retired and moved to a house in a town centre, neither my wife nor I are doing any substantial mileage any longer as we prefer to go any distance by train. As daily drives I’ve got a 982 Cayman 718 (yes – confusing numbering!) and my wife a Volvo so that means the 928 is just not getting the use it needs or deserves, so realistically it’s time for it to have a new guardian.

There’s a lot of documentation covering the provenance of this car which was first registered in Hong Kong and then shipped into the UK a year later by the original owner whereupon the instrument panel was changed by the Porsche Centre (presumably to provide ‘mph’ dials) – all noted in the Service Book.

I have MOT history back to 2006 and a large file of invoices for the various works I have had carried out by my local Porsche Centres in Tonbridge and South-East London (Sidcup), as well as more recent attentions by the renown 928 specialist Chris Sanderson at reputable Loe Bank Motors.

I have two keys, the original handbook and service records, and the majority (maybe all) of the original toolkit, the original poly-carbonate spare wheel well cover, the original spare wheel, boot carpet, load net and rear cover. I think the only thing missing is the original compressor.

Two small things to point out is that a previous owner had installed a double-height entertainment system which was then removed, but in doing so they cut away the clock which now has a blanking plate instead, then last year I was annoyed with myself for catching the front nearside wheel against a kerb and chipping the alloy lacquer-coat.

Mileage recorded (current and from MOT):

24/11/21   147,638 
28/7/21    147,423
6/8/20     146,751
14/6/19    146,065
14/5/18    144,325
16/5/17    142,933
26/2/16    141,692
18/3/15    138,862
19/3/14    135,654
16/3/13    135,056

All service records since my ownership will be make available.

In 2020 Porsche Club GB certified a valuation of £20,000 for this car.

I'm happy to answer questions, make the car available by arrangement for inspection, and perhaps organise a short drive for you as a passenger, though if you want to drive the vehicle yourself on the public highway you will appreciate that I will need full ID in advance and proof of your fully comprehensive insurance explicitly indemnifying and covering my 928.

The car is currently on my personal plate (TOI 928) but I intend to retain this so it will be sold carrying an 'E' prefixed plate which is most likely to be its previous registration E856 GMY.

I’m happy to answer any questions of course This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 07788 577201.