Leaking Porsche 928 Power Steering

Alex's High Pressure Power Steering line on the GT sprang a leak from several places recently. I guess spending 15-years in a hot engine bay does your health no good :)

Here's his quick guide to the job:-

Taking off the line is relatively easy...

1. Lift the car using Halfrauds finest 2 tone hydraulic jack and then prop it on 2x 3 tone axle stands.

2. Undo the two undertrays. (Earlier cars don't have them so it's easier)

3. Remove alternator - this is best done from underneath the car:

  • undo the tightening nuts in order to slacken the belt
  • undo the mounting nut, which is on top of the alternator
  • tilt the alternator to remove the belt
  • remove the mounting nut, which is very, very long.

    N.B. You might need to push the bottom radiator hose a bit out of the way

  • pull alternator downwards carefully. You can now leave it to hang on the wires and the cooling hose attached to the back of it.

4. You can now see the power steering pump. The high pressure hose from the pump to the rack is the one, which is in a awkward position next to two oil lines. Use a 19mm spanner to undo the banjo bolt. You might need to use a bit of force, but it should come off OK. Have something ready to catch the ATF fluid!

5. Move back to the steering rack. The return line is the one with a spring wrapped around it. The high pressure line is the other one, which is almost above the anti-roll bar. You might want to undo both lines for easier access. Use the 19mm spanner again on the banjo bolts. Have your container ready to catch the ATF fluid.

6. Pull up the High Pressure Power Steering line. You might need to wiggle it a little bit to free it from the engine bay.

7. Now you have two choices - go to Porsche and pay them £141 + VAT and wait for 3-4 weeks or use PIRTEK - Europe's biggest provider of hydraulic hoses and wait for 3 hours and pay £56 including the VAT!

8. The hose looks as good as the old one, in fact I have a more responsive steering due to the insert plastic tube being removed by PIRTEK, thus facilitating more flow from the pump to the rack. I also got 12m warranty on it.

9. Installation is the reverse. DO NOT FORGET TO FILL UP THE RESERVOIR WITH ATF!!! Whilst the car is still on the stands start the engine. Gently turn the steering wheel each way in order to bleed the power steering system, which is self bleeding. Have some ATF ready in case you need to top up.

10. Take your shark out for a blast! :)

HTH, Alex